AR Display

AR display featuring a 2D light source for light-field with on-chip RGB lasers and OEIC-based demultiplexer.

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications require the integration of red, green and blue laser diodes. These diodes are extremely sensitive to atmospheric conditions and will degrade upon operation in the air. Besides the need for visible light laser diodes, extreme miniaturization is also desirable. However, it is hampered by the large form factor of hermetically sealed TO cans that house the lasers and a great number of off-chip OEICs.

By integrating the lasers directly onto the OEIC using LIFT and laser soldering, the presence of adhesives and organics can be avoided, resulting in an inorganic attachment of the lasers and the possibility to deliver a single die comprising the RGB light engines, integrated high-speed modulators and detectors and on-chip driving ICs.

MatEl will demonstrate the use of the piezo-stress-optic effect to realize light modulators/demultiplexers, with several principal advantages:

  • Speed;
  • Low dissipation;
  • No crosstalk between devices.