Bio-photonic sensors for reliable and low-cost detection of Covid-19 featuring integrated on-chip VCSEL at 850 nm and photodetector.

In the health sector, conventional methods of diagnostics are constantly being revolutionized by advances in functional materials, integration density and AI. Advancements in microtechnology and photonics have provided a huge potential for decentralization and reduction of the costs of components of diagnostics systems, making them smaller, simpler, and more cost-effective. These diagnostics systems in turn are easily distributable to retailers (point-of-care) and therefore generally more accessible.

In this respect, OEICs offer a compact, multifunctional, cost-effective, multiplexed, and fast solution, with great potential and numerous benefits for medical and healthcare applications. One OEIC can contain multiple optical devices, such as lasers, amplifiers, couplers or detectors, making integrated optics the perfect technology for point-of-care and wearable biosensors. The latter is targeted by MatEl in a revolutionary approach where covid-19 antibodies will be detected using a hybrid integrated photonic biochip with material-selective surface coating.