Project MatEl – First Press Release


PZT & Graphene Innovations for Multiple Functionalities in a Miniaturized Footprint

Europe’s leading position in photonics and electronics can only be secured by adapting to the next generation of optoelectronic device requirements: high performance, multi-functionality, and cost efficiency in miniaturized footprint. These can only be achieved if novel schemes for on-chip integration emerge.

Among the established platforms for optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs), the silicon nitride-based platform, TriPleX®, stands out as a wide band and ultra-low loss material. It has been deployed in a variety of fields, from telecom to quantum computing to the life sciences, with reliable performance in each. However, it has no active functionality. the newly funded Horizon Europe project MatEl aims to introduce novel on-chip integration schemes to add active functions to TriPleX®, enabled by innovative laser processing of advanced materials such as graphene and PZT

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